Open-Source Music Development Board

Microcosmos is a small (130X80mm) open-source electronic board, developed by Faselunare, aimed at prototyping electronic musical instruments and learning electronics, microcontroller programming and audio DSP.

Microcosmos is made on top of a Teensy 4.1 board and features several encoders, buttons, an OLED color display, SD Card, audio I/O, MIDI I/O on Mini Jack and MIDI over USBHost.

Alongside the hardware, Faselunare is developing an open-source Library to program the board. The Language of the library is C++. The official repository of the Microcosmos Library and Firmware is on: GITLAB

While FAUST is not (yet) directly integrated but must be exported for Teensy and then imported in the library, the developer team has adopted this language for the DSP part. The main reasons are:

  1. compatibility with the Teensy board (with the exporter)
  2. testing outside the board (with the online tools)
  3. rapid prototyping

The integration of FAUST and the Microcosmos is made by mapping the parameters of the exported FAUST class (called MicrocosmosDSP) using a configuration file.
The mapping becomes a way to create a multi-page menu visualised on the OLED display, where every page has four parameters that are controlled by the onboard encoders.

In this way it is very easy playing, controlling and visualising any kind of DSP produced by FAUST only by changing the imported class and the configuration file parameters.


Open Source

Both Hardware and software are Open-Source

Develope your Sound

Create your unique sound and instruments

Measures 130mm x 80mm x 20mm
Processor Based on the popular Teensy 4.1 board with 600 MHz Cortex-M7 processor (NXP iMXRT1062)
Audio Input Stereo Audio Input on 3.5 jack
Audio output Stereo Audio Output on 3.5 jack
Headphones High Quality Headphones output
MIDI IN MIDI Input on on 3.5 jack
MIDI OUT MIDI Output on on 3.5 jack
USB Host Connect all kind of controllers directly with a simple USB cable
Microphone Onboard microphone for realtime sampling
SD Card Onboard SD Card for samples and presets
RGB Encoders 5 High quality RGB Encoders
Buttons 5 Buttons with led
RGB Leds 16 inline RGB leds + 1 RGB led for status / services and other functions
Display 1.3" color OLED display
  • Opensource
    The MICROCOSMOS source code, and the binary distribution are licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
    We have chosen the FAUST language for the DSP part but it is possible to implement your own algorithm also using other programming languages.
    Microcosmos is an opensource platform, visit our GitLab to find all the documentation
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Can I use Microcosmos even if I'm not a developer?

Absolutely yes, you can download Programs or binaries from our website that we will make available for our community.

Which programming language do I need to know to develop my 'Programs'?

The Microcosmos firmware is essentially split into two parts. A control one, for which the Arduino / Teensy language and more generally the C++ language are used. And a part dedicated to the DSP where you can use the Audio Library of Teensy, FAUST or any language of your choice among those supported by Teensy.

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